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Terima kasih diatas sokongan anda....

kawie2020 team.


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salam buat semua...

kawie memang sibuk sikit... ada macam2 hal yang telah berlaku... pahit.. manis.. macam2 ada...

Ragam kawan2 pun macam2 gak... yang suka bergossip memang ramai... hehehhehehe...

Maaf kerana mengambil masa lebih kurang 2 minggu untuk update blog... alasan? x der alasan coz macam2 yg terjadi...

Cerita nak kawen pun macam2 ada... kawan kawie pon dah nak kawen... kawie bila lagi? tunggu restu mak n ayah kawie dulu arr... hehehhehehehe...


Kalau ada jodoh, kawen lah kawie.. kalau x de jodoh? errmmmm... kawie punya asa, Allah punya kuasa... perancangan tuh bleh dibuat tapi yg menentukan ALLAH SWT...

kawie ade baca kat blog jard tentang faktor usia dalam mendirikan rumah tangga... ade macam2 teori dan pendapat... hehehhehehe... enjoy gak bc n3 nih... hehehhehehe....


kat blog farhana pulak kisah angkat mengangkat... hehhehehehe... agak2 ade ker yang nak jadi bini angkat ataupun suami angkat? hehehhehehe...

itu je yang sempat jenguk dalam masa yang terdekat nih... kawan2 yang lain jgn bimbang, kawie akan berkunjung dalam masa terdekat nih...

banyak yang kawie terlepas... n3 contest joegrimjoe x dapat kawie join kerana terlepas tarikh akhirnya... sorry ye bro...

errkkk.... ade yang x nak kawen ker? Jangan camtuh ek... nanti nabi x ngaku umat tau...


p/s: mak kawie nak jumpe calon2 isteri kawie... hehehhehehe... kawie plak yang berdebar lebih nih... hehehehehehehhe...


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In the case of proceedings hottest this morning, the main witness was giving evidence against samples taken from body shirt and pants but it is also considered as evidence.

Witnesses also say that this primary pants are a gift from the former employer... WOW!!!!

The case is continued with the samples as evidence in the pants, KY jelly, condominiums, location of crime and others.


But this time kawie want to talk about the facts about men in shorts.

It’s interesting to know that a male underwear can somewhat be related to the economy of a country.

If the economy is down and struggling the industry and sales of men’s underwear is also slow and struggling.


It seems like many who are on a budget because of the economy would spend last on their underwear. And this is most especially true for men who are on a budget.

Women can’t live without new and pretty underwear but believe it or not men can.

Hence it is said women is complicated?




p/s: I'm wearing... erk... erk... hahahhahahahhaha....


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I read this sentence in other blogs...


p/s: in mood to know the truth...


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You think he’s/she's Mr/Mrs Right -- they don’t. how to cope with that classic engagement dilemma -- parent disapproval

So he/she finally popped the question and you're over the moon -- but your parents couldn’t be any further under it. They can't stand him/her and they think you're making the biggest mistake of your life. What are you going to do?


Your parents told that you had to choose between them or him/her because they thought he/she just wasn't good enough for you.

Much love was rejected by the family. Some cases, falling in love with our girlfriend/boyfriend but eventually married men / women who arranged by family

why these things happen?

I feel like this is because love is not getting the family blessing.

This is because when we in love with someone, we forget to tell our parents about our love partner.

Is it more beautiful if our couple introduced to our parents so that parents early knowing him/her more closely.

This may also improve the feelings of parents in giving blessings in our relationship.


It's also possible to give this blessing to the marriage.

May be ....

what do you think?


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After back from office, kawie do blogwalking for a half an hour. Kawie found this blog and its quite interesting. The story is awesome and sweet.....

Please visit this blog to know the sweetness of the story... hehehehhehee...



kawie2020 blog was created in 2008, but this blog is not active until August 2009 after the author of this blog find his soul in writing.

kawie has noticed something and would like to shared with the readers.


Majority of Malaysian blog writers like use Bahasa Melayu as medium of instruction in their blogs but there are also Malaysian blog writers like to use english language as a way to communicate with their blog readers.


but what is surprising is that most Malaysian students abroad prefer to use the
Bahasa Melayu as a medium of communication in the blog


and many students studying in our country will prefer to use English as primary language in writing their blogs.

kawie wondered why things like this happen?

Why our students abroad do not use English as the main medium in writing a blog?

why our students are studying in local university joy-it uses the english language in writing their blogs?


Any idea why this happens?

p/s: please comments in ur preferred languages...

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!

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It just seems funny to me how people are so quick to judge someone before they ever get to know them.

Nobody ever stops to put themselves in someone else's shoes.

The cranky old boss, the little old lady driving the car, the prostitute on the street, the soccer mom, the carpenter, the beggar...

Another thing that's crazy is how people judge you by your past experiences, like someone who got in trouble during their teen years or early twenties, but has since turned their life around, and no matter what they do, those past experiences follow them everywhere.


Not all people are bad forever, some truly get mixed up, straighten themselves out, and live successful, productive lives, when given the chance, but most times, no one wants to give them that chance.

We are all human, people. Just take the time to learn about someone before you jump to conclusions about them.


If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa

p/s: how do you judge yourself in love?


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Since I was facing something unexplainable I thought a great deal about the situation of meeting people on the internet.

What is it that makes the blog so exciting, so magical? We can meet people on the street, at office and several other opportunities.

As a common denominator of all of these is the fact that we base these meetings on exterior, on how we look.

Contrary to this on the net, at least in the beginning, the exterior may be ignored although this also must bring some element of excitement.

By the time things reach the meeting stage the interior has projected through the letters and shifts the point of view.


It is this chance that is not given in a real situation versus a virtual one.

All young men and women have an ideal that they would like to conquer, but in most cases this does not happen.

Unfortunately, ideals are few and far between. Most people are not as attractive as the models smiling from the pages of magazines or the stars of TV/film.

If we look back in history, we'll find that this existed for most of humanity.


I too am in a torrid affair with someone who knows my soul as well as I do. It is a very frightening way to live.

I get up every morning and I can't function till I check my email and blog. I feel the rush each time I receive one.


The times there is no mail or comments in my blog, I walk around like the world has just ended. I don't know how to feel anymore, because I am so in love with this girls.

I don't know what its like to touch this girl, yet she has touched me a thousand times in my dreams. hehhehehehehhehe...

I never thought this would happen to me, iIt has though.


I don't know how to act, the worst part is you never know whether they are messing with you or are serious.

It was very uplifting to know others go through this. hehehhehehehehe....


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Dalam minggu yang penuh emosi, alhamdullilah, kawie telah berkesempatan bertemu seorang kawan yang kawie kenali dalam alam blog ini.

Beliau adalah seorang pensyarah kanan Pusat Pengajian Psikologi dan Pembangunan Manusia di UKM. Namanya dan link blognya dirahsiakan diatas permintaan beliau.

Kawie baru sahaja berkenalan dengan beliau di dalam bulan september 2009, itupun secara kebetulan setelah menerjah blog kawan-kawan.

Kerana itu juga kawie berkesempatan ke UKM bagi memenuhi undangan beliau yang mahu sgt2 berjumpa dengan kawie... Begitu juga dengan kawie...

Kami lepak di kedai mamak secara bersantai dan berbincang beberapa perkara tentang dunia blog dan juga ragam pelajar2 malaysia...

Antara isu yang menarik adalah tentang kepandaian dan kebijaksanaan pelajar2 kita...

Apakah perbezaan diantara pandai dengan bijak ini? ataupun ia adalah benda yang sama sahaja?


Faktanya pelajar perempuan lebih ramai dari pelajar lelaki di IPTA2 dan juga IPTS2 di Malaysia dan juga luar negara.

Rasionalnya, pelajar perempuan berjaya menempatkan diri di institusi pengajian tinggi kerana mereka berjaya menjawab soalan2 peperiksaan dan memprolehi keputusan yang cemerlang.

Persoalannya adakah pemikiran mereka semakin berkembang ketika belajar di universiti ataupun semakin sempit?

Buktinya yg jelas semakin ramai pelajar perempuan memprolehi ijazah kelas pertama berbanding pelajar lelaki dalam kebanyakan fakulti ataupun kursus...


Tetapi pada masa yang sama, semakin ramai juga pelajar perempuan yang tewas dan terkulai dengan pujuk rayu teman lelaki...

Mengapakah perkara ini terjadi sedangkan kebanyakkan pelajar perempuan adalah pelajar yg cemerlang tetapi kerana terlalukan ikutkan nafsu, mereka terkulai lesu...

Ini adalah cerita yang dikongsi oleh kawan kawie ini tentang isu yang dibincangkan... hehhehehehheehe...



Zaleha adalah seorang guru matematik. Sudah seminggu yang lalu beliau mengajar murid tahun 6 tentang topik additional & Substract...

Hari ini Cikgu Zaleha mahu menguji kefahaman murid tentang topik yg telah diajar...

"ok Fatin,if your father has RM10 and you ask him for RM6, how much would your father still have?"

"RM10 teacher.." Jawab Fatin dengan yakin sekali...

"isk... Fatin, You don't know maths..." respon cikgu zaleha

"But teacher... You don't know my father!" jawab balas Fatin dengan nada yang perlahan....

"betul teacher.. ayah Fatin memang garang dan kedekut" jawab murid yg lain sambil diikuti gelak ketawa seluruh kelas itu...

Cikgu Zaleha hanya tersenyum apabila mendengar jawapan Fatin itu...

"ok..ok.. class... let say If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?''

"Amin... Please give your answer..." Zaleha meneruskan pembelajaran...

"err... errr... zero teacher" jawab Amin dengan takut-takut...

"hah!!!! Zero? are your sure Amin? use your hand to count..." balas Zaleha sambil mengulangi soalan dan menunjukkan tangannya untuk diikuti Amin spaya memahami soalan..


"errr... teacher... saya tahu kira lah teacher tapi selalunya burung2 tu mesti terbang habis bila terdengar bunyi kuat tembakan tuh" jawab Amin dengan innosennya...

p/s: hehehhehehehe... adakah sudah ada anjakan paradigma dalam pemikiran kanak2 Malaysia? hehehhehehhehe....